We provide carpentry services based on the understanding that you want good workmanship, sincere service, fair pricing, and respect for your home, time and money.

We are hardworking, decent folks who love doing carpentry. At JS Carpentry, we feel a tremendous sense of pride everytime we have translated your sketches and your ideas into actual tangible carpentry that we know will play a huge role in creating your dream home.

We apply every single year of our years of experience into every job, big or small. Every assignment is important to us. We acknowledge however, that sometimes despite our best efforts, we can fall short of your expectations.

We are not perfect and we do not claim to be, but we do put our heart in every assignment. So if and when the occasional slip-ups happen, and times where work can be improved you can be certain that we will be responsible and we will do our utmost best to put things right for you.

You are our clients. You are the most important people to us after our family and we want you to be happy.

Over the past years, satisfied clients are the reason the JS Carpentry workshop are kept busy and bustling over the years. We have had the good fortune to have managed to build a growing list of loyal clientale which include developers, shop owners, and home owners like you.

Do you find us familiar? You probably caught us on Channel 5! We were elated when we were asked to be part of Kumar Goes Back to School. You can take a look at what goes out in our workshop and how we goofed about on episode 8 which aired on 3 June 2014. If you missed it, you can watch it on Toggle.sg.

We are thankful that most of clients are eager to recommend us to their associates, friends and relatives. This strong stream of referral is the reason why we are still in business today, and the confidence that we will still be in business in the future.


We are the right choice for experienced, reliable and affordable carpenters. And we can help you with your other renovation works as well.

Besides carpentry, we have also been helping our clients co-ordinate other renovation works such as haulage, demolition, false ceiling, electrical, tiling, laminated flooring, timber flooring, painting etc, as well. We understand your need for a one-stop renovation service and we have reliable renovation subcontractors who can help you.


  1. You will save money and enjoy workshop rates by working directly with us

  2. You will have over 3 decades of renovation experience applied in every job

  3. You will be supported by our 10,000 sqft workshop, showroom and office in Singapore

  4. You will find our experience working with IDs and architects useful

  5. You can rest assured that our workers are legal and fully insured

  6. We will help you with any and all of your renovation needs outside carpentry

  7. You will have 3 years warranty for our work