Carpentry and full renovation works

We are providing on this page a carpentry price list for common carpentry works so you can have an idea of what to expect when you engage us.

For other renovation costs, please contact us with details for estimates.

The pricing listed on the right are average starting rates for common carpentry works. Carpentry prices are dependent on many factors such as the costs of materials, the amount of labor and the complexity of design.

Our carpentry works include the following standard specifications:

  • All carpentry is finished with standard laminates
  • All carpentry will have white internal PVC by default
  • All carpentry carcasses are constructed with plywood for strength
  • Most doors are made with blockboard for durability
  • All doors will come with ABS trimmings/ edgebands
  • All casement doors come with generic soft-closing hinges by default
  • All drawers come with black full extension tracks by default

Of course you are able to request for alternative specifications. The following are some examples of carpentry specifications that we have done for our clients :

  • Opting for BLUM, tandemboxes, runners and hinges.
  • Upgrading to woodgrain internal Melamine or PVC
  • Using veneer finishes instead of laminate finishes
  • Opting Polyurethane or PU spray finish
  • Using solid wood instead of plywood
  • Using of additional finishing materials such as glass, mirror or stainless steel
  • Using aluminium trimmings or frames
  • Using marine plywood for even greater resistance to moisture damage

If you have anything in mind and would like to know whether we can fulfill it for you, please contact us or call our hotline at +65 9488 5077.


The follow starting rates are based on normal white internal PVC, laminate-finished carpentry with 2.5m as full height. Please request if you want color or woodgrain internal PVC.

Would you like a quick quotation? Just contact us or call our hotline at +65 9488 5077.


  Description Rate Unit*
  Shoe cabinet with casement doors half height from $120 pfr
  Shoe cabinet with casement doors full height from $200 pfr
  Feature wall for mounting of TV from $20 psf
  Wall cladding of home bomb shelter with tic-tac door from $22 psf
  Tv console with drawers from $110 pfr
  Kitchen top hung cabinet with casement doors to ceiling from $105 pfr
  Kitchen bottom cabinet with casement doors + drawers from $105 pfr
  Kitchen tall boy unit from $270 pfr
  Headboard from $20 psf
  Wardrobe with casement doors from $210 pfr
  Wardrobe with normal sliding doors from $230 pfr
  Wardrobe with soft-closing sliding aluminium glass doors from $250 pfr
  Bay window ledge <600mm from $40 pfr
  Bed box for Single-sized mattress from $400 /set
  Bed box Super Single-sized mattress from $500 /set
  Bed box Queen-sized mattress from $600 /set
  Bed box King-sized mattress from $700 /set
  Study table without drawers from $80 pfr
  Study table with drawers from $110 pfr
  Wall hung book storage from $110 pfr
  BLUM parts at Recommended Retail Price plus GST* add 5%  

psf = per square foot (area)
pfr = per foot run (length)
You can find BLUM's Pricelist at
Prices listed above are subjected to prevailing GST.